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October 20, 2009


Key Ally, Inc.

P.O. Box 540957

Queens, NY 11354


To Our Community,


On behalf of Rocket and the entire U2 team I would like to thank you, the U2 User Group, and Key Ally for securing the domain and offering it to us at no cost. We are pleased to have it.

We appreciate the ongoing support and loyalty you have shown to the U2 community over the years. It is one thing to deliver quality products to the marketplace, but technology in and of itself does not build a business. Rather, it is a community of positive individuals and groups working together to support one another and the efforts of the U2 team that has made the U2 business successful.  We look forward to working with Key Ally and the U2 Board in the coming year to improve the technology and customer satisfaction of the U2 user community. We at Rocket purchased the U2 business in great part because of the loyal user community and intend to work together to grow the business.





Susie SiegesmundAndy Youniss
VP and General Manager, U2 BrandPresident and Chief Executive Officer
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