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Note: Hours bought will be subject to availability. We recommend that you buy an initial session (2 hrs) to assure yourself that your needs will be met before committing to more hours. You will never be charged for unused hours due to our cancelling a scheduled session. Read the billing details on the various services pages carefully. Rebates may be requested for large blocks of committed hours. Contact us for details.


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Distance Learning

Our Standard Rate is based on one attendee.

Discounts are available for multiple attendees from the same payer.



1-3 students:     US$2,000 per student for the four days.

4-7 students:     US$1,750 per student for the four days.

8-11 students:   US$1500 per student for the four days.

12-15 students: US$1,2500  per student for the four days.



Class Scheduling is Strictly Subject to Availability.

We do standard and custom training on both Business and Computer topics. Prices listed here reflect a private training for your company, at your site. We also hold public classes through Spectrum University.


Training is paid in full, in advance of the start of the session. All training bills are payable immediately, unless otherwise negotiated. Travel expenses will be billed net 30. All checks are to be paid to Key Ally, Inc. Late payments will incur reasonable penalties. All billing questions should be sent to


This is an informational document, not a contract or a quote.